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Chemistry is a year long lab science course. Topics include (but not limited to): measurement, atomic structure, periodic table trends, nuclear chemistry, bonds, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, thermochemistry, solutions, acids and bases, equilibrium, and kinetics. This course provides experiences that will help students develop and apply critical thinking process skills.

This class is HYBRID with a majority of the content delivered online with some face-to-face instruction. Lectures are presented via videos with the assignments being delivered through the State approved web-based learning platform Blackboard Learn. All labs and tests are taken in the classroom. Students enrolled in this Hybrid course are expected to be responsible motivated learners. Attendance becomes mandatory when the grade in this class drops below at 74% and/or there is missing work (missed due dates).

Materials required: reliable internet access, computer with microsoft word and Logger Pro, scientific calculator, headphones and a flash drive (memory). Please see the Expectations Link above for more information.


Unit Due Dates
(Due Dates Subject to Change)

Unit 5: Chemical Reactions I (Balancing & Rxn Types)
Due Date Sheet or Calendar

Unit 6: Chemical Reactions II (Intro to Stoich)
Due Date Sheet or Calendar

Unit 7: Chemical Reactions III (Rates & Equilibrium)
Due Date Sheet or Calendar

Unit 8: Thermochemistry
Due Date Sheet or Calendar

Unit 9: States of Matter (Phase Change & Gas Laws)
Due Date Sheet or Calendar

Unit 10: Chemistry in the Environment
Due Date Sheet or Calendar

Semester 2 Final Review

Helpful Hints for
the Material

Watch your video notes without
interruption. Take your time and
complete the Note-Taking Guides.
Complete the "Check Your
Understanding" questions at the
end of the Note Taking Guides.
Complete all practices until
mastery is achieved.
If you have difficulty completing these
questions after completing the notes seek additional instruction from me.
Complete labs early so you have time to make corrections on lab reports.

Good Practices
Back up work frequently with an
external device (flash drive).

Keep your files organized in folders by units.
Your work will quickly pile up, and establishing a
system for easily locating materials you’ve produced
for your coursework is immensely valuable.

Plan ahead. Don’t leave things until the last
minute. Especially in online work, planning is
important. Websites might be unexpectedly
unavailable, internet connections might be weak,
and computers might crash.

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Text Book Links:
Chapter 1 pdf

Chapter 2 pdf
Chapter 4 pdf
Chapter 5 pdf
Chapter 6 pdf
Chapter 7 pdf
Chapter 8 pdf
Chapter 9 pdf
Chapter 10 pdf
Chapter 11 pdf
Chapter 12 pdf
Chapter 13 pdf
Chapter 14 pdf
Chapter 15
Chapter 16 pdf
Chapter 17 pdf
Chapter 18 pdf
Chapter 25 pdf
Chapter 26 pdf